The Vibe

Welcome reader,

My name is Louis C. Starr III, a founding member of the Loomis Cigar Cartel and a cigar enthusiast. I have enjoyed the pleasure of smoking cigars for the past 40 years and want to use this medium to share in my personal cigar smoking journey.

My aim is to engage you in conversations about the cigar culture, food/drink pairings, established friendships, the beginner’s faux pas, and a plethora of anecdotal stories that should give you a laugh or reminisce on your cigar experiences.

My colleagues and I don’t profess to be an authority, or subject matter experts about cigars, just a group of friends that are passionate about and truly enjoy smoking and talking cigars (the leaf).

I appreciate and welcome all input; you are encouraged to subscribe to the Loomis Cigar Cartel’s page. Visit us and hear our take on cigars. There are several ways listed below for you to send in your questions, comments/feedback and stories of your personal cigar experiences.

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