Beyond the Humidor

The official podcast of the Loomis Cigar Cartel. Join Scott, Larry and Greg for, “The cigar podcast for the rest of us.”

We are by no means experts however, we are passionate cigar guys. Just regular cigar guys talking to other cigar guys.

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Join Greg Perry and Roy Bokelman as we talk about the priming of cigar tobacco, its position on the plants, how that helps to maintain, change, or alter the cigar smoking experience through the construction and flavor profile.  We hope you enjoy this episode.  Please remember to like us and share us on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube and drop us a line, let us know your out there.  
  1. Prime Time
  2. Apparently No Plan At All
  3. Favorite Cigar Moments, Shops and Lounges
  4. So You Want a Cigar Line
  5. Leaves and Sizes

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