Beyond the Humidor

The official podcast of the Loomis Cigar Cartel. Join Scott and Greg for, “The cigar podcast for the rest of us.”

We are by no means experts however, we are passionate cigar guys. We are just regular cigar guys talking to other cigar guys.

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Join Scott, Greg and Larry as they finally discuss the study vs the man cave.  As with the last time we tried to discuss this topic it ends up becoming another show.  We dive into how we would build our ideal cigar lounge at home.  We also talk about a couple unusual humidors Larry and I are making.  We all hope you enjoy.  Please share us with your cigar friends on your chosen platform of choice.  Thank you for listening!
  1. A Study in Humi's
  2. Couples that Smoke
  3. Off the Rails
  4. The Noob
  5. Giving The Middle Finger to 2020

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