Enclave Broadleaf

Released in 2017 by AJ Fernandez, the Enclave Broadleaf represents his portfolio’s first venture into a broadleaf wrapped cigar.  It’s an elegant looking stick, with a Nicaraguan binder and filler and, of course, a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. Today, we will be exploring the toro. 

The wrapper has notes of coffee and dark chocolate. On the cold draw there is dark chocolate with a hint of sweetness. Once lit, there are notes of leather in medium pepper with a hint of sweetness. The strength of the pepper immediately grows. OMG! This thing is seriously burning my sinuses on the retrohale – think hot Chinese mustard “hot.” OK. We are going to have to take this slow.  

I’ve let it cool down just a bit and now think that I may actually recover. That was definitely more power than I’d bargained for. There’s now leather with a light to medium pepper on the retrohale, with leather and dark chocolate on the palate. I think this stick is the poster child for why those of us who retrohale tend towards mild or medium sticks and generally prefer to avoid these stronger sticks. I had seriously wondered if I would be able to retrohale the cigar. But it now seems we’re all good. At the end of the first inch, a cinnamon like sweetness emerges through the pepper. That sweetness quickly becomes more subdued and the leather returns, with earthiness and a more general sweetness.

The leather is deep and rich, and as we approach the second third, the generalized sweetness begins to take shape as cedar. The strength of the pepper returns toward the end of the second third, masking any flavor other than the general sweetness typical in a maduro. 

As we go into the final third, the strength of the pepper again dissipates, and the taste returns to leather. The cedar is now gone, reappears briefly, and then once again vanishes, this time for good. 

For me, this was about a 2 1/2 hour smoke. The burn wandered at times, but generally corrected itself, as you can see by comparing the first photo to the second. I had to relight twice, once in the second third and again at the beginning of the final third. 

The Enclave Broadleaf is definitely a full strength cigar. If you’re partial to strong Nicaraguan full body cigars, this might be in your wheelhouse.

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