Review: Sobremesa Elegantes en Cedros

Today we will be reviewing the Sobremesa Elegantes en Cedros, a 7 x 50 Churchill produced by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Steve Sako’s new venture after leaving Drew Estate. 

The Sobremesa comes in an Ecuadorian Rosado wrapper, covering a Mexican binder, with a long-filler blend of Nicaragua tobaccos and Pennsylvania Broadleaf ligero. As the name suggests, this Churchill is wrapped in an outer cedar band. The stick itself is visually interesting. Using a straight cut, you can visually observe the lighter and darker filler woven into the cigar. 

Upon lighting, the stick is smooth with some sweet, creamy notes. After about an inch, this gives way to darker coffee and dark chocolate flavors, though it remains quite creamy and pleasantly sweet. There’s a definite ebb and flow between a lighter creaminess and these richer, darker notes. At times, it seems that all of these flavors overlap. The ash is well formed. The burn wanders early on, but hasn’t required correction and in time corrects itself to a relatively even burn. 

In the second third, the flavors merge into something a bit like cinnamon coffee – reminiscent of that Viennese Cinnamon Irish coffee I had thirty something years ago which led to the first and worst drunken hangover of my life. (Projectile vomiting of spaghetti, etc. It was 15 years before I could eat spaghetti again and over 30 years before I touched Irish whiskey again.)  But I digress. 

The trauma has passed, and here the flavors are quite nice.

The cinnamon coffee quickly gives way to a full, rich very creamy cedar, though it still seems to overlay something of a coffee flavor. Cedar dominates the second third, but in time gives way to a smooth rich tobacco flavor as I approach the final third. 

In the final third, the cedar comes and goes. Its very creamy with a hint of sweetness, as well as just an occasional hint of pepper. 

Overall, this Sobremesa is medium in strength. A very nice, pleasant smoke from start to finish which I will definitely smoke it again. In my opinion, a solid choice at its $13-$15 price point. 

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