Back on the Road

I can’t believe the summer season is over!

Yesterday, I finally had some time, woke up early and took the Harley out for a ride. I love riding out to Folsom then through Amador, finding my way into El Dorado Hills to Hwy 50 towards the Bay Area, and finally turning back towards home taking backroads. Come to think of it, in future blogs I’ll take a picture of my favorite routes here in Northern California, and I invite you to share yours.

I was thinking about something when I finished the ride…I’m constantly asked, mostly by naysayers…why do you ride? I’ve given the trite rebuttal about the zen of riding, being one with the road, blah blah blah. But here’s the real reason: riding a motorcycle is one of the few things you can do where you HAVE TO BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT! No distractions, no texting, no external crap! Your head is on a swivel, looking out for cars, looking at the road…you know watching where the hell you’re going. Every rider knows, a distracted rider is a dead man on two wheels. It is through the mitigation of risk that we enjoy our rides. I see it all the time… people not present in the moment. You could be in the most magnificent place and see people looking at it through a monitor (phone, iPad, you name it). I swear, if there were a way to raise Prince from the dead long enough to do one last concert, most people would be looking at him through a phone…that would be the case even if you could theoretically guarantee everyone on the planet could see it!

My long winded point is that whatever you do, take it in, enjoy it and be in that moment…makes for great memories…

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